Erik Duus's credentials are vast. For the last decade Duus has focused his attention on wrestling in Sunnyvale through his work as the head coach of Fremont High School, where he teaches Japanese. During that period Duus has also coached and competed in Judo at Stanford, qualifying for the US Olympic Trails in 2008. Prior to his return to Judo competition Duus competed in Freestyle wrestling for over 20 years. During that time he won a Japanese National Title, placing 3 times, and is a 2x US Open place winner. Duus was also an assistant coach at Stanford University. 

Duus attended Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA and was a match away from placing in State his senior year (at that time only 6 placed so he finished top 8). In college Duus wrestled for 3 years at Iowa under Gable before transferring to Wisconsin to wrestle for Dave Schultz. After finishing college Duus spent 3 years as a resident athlete at Foxcatcher Farms wrestling in the US Freestyle circuit. 

Sunnyvale Wrestling Club is lucky to have such a high level and experienced coach who shows such an extreme amount of dedication to the program.