2016 Black Sheep Wrestling Camp Clinicians:

Cliff Fretwell - Owner of Compound Clothing, CMP Trained, Scramble Camps, and has a stake in many other wrestling related enterprises. Cliff was a standout in Georgia and competed for Georgia State University before the program was dropped. His Scramble Camp system and unique way of teaching scrambles is the reason we are bringing him out to Sunnyvale, CA. Scrambling is TECHNIQUE according to the CMP system and Coach Fretwell is going to give us 3 technique sessions of his patented scramble instruction.

Kendall Cross - Olympic Champion, NCAA Champion, 3-time NCAA All-American for Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma High School State Champion. Kendall Cross is one of the best! Kendall Cross Exposed: Don't Call it Funk, is one of the best wrestling technique videos out there. It was a no brainer to try to bring Kendall out to Sunnyvale, and we got him. Kendall beat out Terry Brands for the 1996 Olympics and dominated his competition in route to the Gold. 

Mark Muñoz - Best known for a successful run in the middleweight division of the UFC, Mark "The Filipino Wrecking Machine" Muñoz, originally was a standout wrestler for Vallejo High School. After winning 2 CA State High School titles he was recruited and competed for Oklahoma State University where he won a NCAA Title and was a 2x DI NCAA All-American. Best known for his character, Mark is the epitome of a stand up guy and we are extremely excited to have his continued involvement with our club as a clinician for the camp.

"Mean" Gene Mills - One of the most dominant runs of any US wrestler was accomplished by Gene Mills in the early 1980s. Mills, a master of the sport, still holds the NCAA DI pin record. Coach Mills now runs the Pin2Win club, camps, and coaches high school near Syracuse, NY. He was a high school state (NJ) and national champion, 4x NCAA All-American, 2x NCAA Champion, Outstanding Wrestler in the NCAA, 1980 Tbilisi Champion and Outstanding Wrestler, 1980 US Olympian and voted "Athlete of the Year" by the US Olympic Committee. Unfortunately, we boycotted the Olympics that year, and Gene Mills was unable to compete. Ultimately, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal winners went to wrestlers Mills had pinned. We are extremely lucky to have coach Mills come across the country to teach us. He is one of the greats and his enthusiasm and technique are bar none. 


  1. Joey Lavallee (Missouri) 
    • 2015 NCAA Championships Qualifier (157 pounds) 
    • 2015 Academic All-MAC Team
    • 2015 2nd MAC Championship
    • 2014 NCAA Championships Qualifier (157 pounds)
    • 2014 SEC First-Year Honor Roll
    • 2014 3rd MAC Championship
    • 4x Nevada High School State Champion
    • 2011 FILA Cadet World Team Member (5th)
    • 2011 FILA Cadet Freestyle National Champion 
    • 2010 Cadet Freestyle All-American (3rd)
  2. Paul Head (Cal Baptist)
    • 2016 DII NCAA Qualifier
    • 2014 - 2015 Season Top - 10 in pins for NCAA DII
    • Top 12 in CA at La Costa Canyon
  3. Gary Miltenberger (George Mason)
    • CA High School State Place Winner (7th)
    • NHSCA Nationals Place Winner (8th)
  4. Jacob Thalin (Cal State Bakersfield)
    • 2x CA High School State Place Winner (4th & 5th)
    • USA Wrestling Junior Folkstyle All-American (5th)
  5. Matt Williams (Cal State Bakersfield)
    • CA High School State Place Winner (5th)
    • FloNationals Place Winner (4th)
  6. Lorenzo De La Riva (Cal State Bakersfield)
    • 2x CA High School State Place Winner (2nd & 6th)
    • 3x NHSCA High School All-American
  7. Sergio Mendez (Cal State Bakersfield)
    • CA High School State Place Winner (4th) 
    • 2x Pac 12 place winner
    • 125 lbs. starter at CSUB

2016 Camp Staff with Gene Mills and son Michael

Monday - Day 1 - Cliff Fretwell

Tuesday - Day 2 - Kendall Cross

Wednesday - Day 3 - Mark Muñoz

Thursday and Friday - Day 4 and 5 - "Mean" Gene Mills