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What program was you, or the wrestler you are talking about involved with? Our programs are normally tied to a school, for example: Fremont High School, or Lakewood Elementary, or Columbia Middle, or all 3.
We may use your words on presentations about our programing and may contact you to do a video testimonial. This is all to hopefully help us gain funding support to continue to offer these programs for free in Sunnyvale.

We are hoping to put together as much anecdotal data possible to help us articulate the need for this program and programs like it. We believe that our public school system is capable and primed to provide co-curricular programming for little to no cost increasing the access of our students to activities that are desirable and participation is self motivated. The lessons from these activities are transferred to the classroom and co-curriculars programs, like ours, are vital to educating the whole student. For more information on co-curricular programing please CLICK HERE.