SYWL Sponsor Announcements

Sunnyvale Wrestling Club is pleased to announce that we already have several return sponsors supporting the program. UFC Gym Sunnyvale has stepped up their sponsorship game and has purchased a mat for the club that will be used for this years league! A huge thank you is due to Jeremy Piamonte and the UFC Gym Corporation for approving this kind of localized community support. 

We also have already received Sunnyvale Youth Wrestling League t-shirt sponsorships from Footwear Etc. and Infinity Leadership Development. Both of these organizations sponsored the league last year and are a large part of the reason why we are able to provide t-shirts and the league at no cost. We are also working with Intero Real Estate in order to secure a partnership with agents in the area. Intero Foundation supported the purchase of the trailer we use to store and move mats from school to school. 

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Each sponsor, along with the league partners, will have their logo on the back of the SYWL shirts and will be feature on our website for the year. Last year we had 150 Sunnyvale Elementary School District students participate in the league. Contact Daniel McCune at if you are interested in sponsoring the league.