A partnership between Sunnyvale Elementary School District and Sunnyvale Wrestling Club.

General league info:

All 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are able to participate in league practices. Only 4th and 5th grade wrestlers will be able to participate in Friday competitions due to transportation. Waivers will also serve as sign up forms and need to be turned into the front office of your school. Practices start Monday October 1st, which is also the deadline to sign up. Each wrestler will receive a free t-shirt. We will also have t-shirts for sale at events and on our website. Please email mccune@sunnyvalewrestlingclub.com if you have any questions.

WAIVER!!!  Please download, fill out, sign, and return the waiver to the front office of your school. 
Waivers will be required before wrestlers can practice.

To help us with data entry you can fill out the online sign up form by clicking the button directly below this text. You will still need to turn in a hard copy waiver. Thank you!

We have offered a variety of after school sports and none of them has made an impact on our students like wrestling. I’ll always remember walking into the wrestling meet at Lakewood for the first time. The excitement was contagious and the determination on the faces of the competitors was unreal. Looking into the eyes of my students, I felt like I was seeing some of them in a new light. I was so impressed with the commitment and dedication the students were being exposed to by being part of the wrestling team. I saw students emerging as leaders as they supported their friends and teammates and I saw the ‘never give up’ attitude in students that I hadn’t seen in the classroom. I have been able to motivate some students by challenging them to approach school the same way they had approached their wrestling match. We are so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to participate in the wrestling program and some students have made a positive shift in learning based on the confidence they gained. I look forward to next year’s wrestling season and hope every student in Sunnyvale has the opportunity to participate.
— Kevin Davis - Teacher at Lakewood Elementary School
SYWL T-Shirts

Team shirts are available for our SYWL teams. These are the extra shirts from last season and provide an opportunity to purchase some school gear and support our programing all at once. Thank you for visiting our site. 

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Sunnyvale Wrestling Club believes in offering extensive co-curricular programing for all students in elementary, intermediate and high school. The term "co-curricular," is used to describe the belief that school-related activities are not beyond the curriculum, but actually work in conjunction with the curriculum to build well-rounded individuals. It is further believed that student involvement in school-related activities create learning opportunities that foster skill development, team-building, commitment, responsibility, follow-through and character development.

The strength of Sunnyvale Wrestling Club's programs is dependent on participation. Strong co-curricular programing in Sunnyvale is dependent on all students being encouraged to become actively involved in at least one school-related activity each school year and programing being wrapped into the school system. Sunnyvale Wrestling Club's introduction of an elementary wrestling league that will include five Sunnyvale School District elementary schools is the beginning of this programing, and possibly will serve as a model. This will hopefully open the door for Sunnyvale School District to increase opportunities to students through an extensive co-curricular program, that would have the potential to increase and include a wide range of school-related activities to encourage student participation, such as:

Visual and Performing Arts: drama, oral interpretation, art, speech, debate, forensics, choral, music, band, orchestra, dance and poster contests.

Athletics: baseball, football, track, softball, swimming, diving, water polo, soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross country, tennis, wrestling, gymnastics and golf.

Curricular: Odyssey of the Mind, History Day, Science Fair, Spelling Bee, Mock Trial, Mathematics, Engineering and Science Association (MESA), Future Farmers of America (FFA), yearbook, journalism, Academic Decathlon and essay contests. 

This is what our local, non - profit, all volunteer, wrestling club wants for our community. We see this elementary school league as more than just wrestling but the beginning of free, after school, co-curricular programing for our entire city.