Sunnyvale Wrestling Hats

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Sunnyvale Wrestling Hats


This New Era 59Fifty hat is the signature hat of the MLB, Minor League Baseball, and the official sideline cap of the NFL. Now it is the official cap of the Sunnyvale Wrestling Club. 

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The New Era 59Fifty redefined the game in 2007. By moving away from using wool and instead producing polyester caps, the headwear became more durable. Also, changing the color of the under visor from gray or black reduced the glare from the sun and stadium lights. 

Advanced Technology

Technology properties were also introduced in 2007. The on-field caps utilized moisture away from the skin and spread it out. The performance fabric also works to accelerate the drying of the cap, resulting in a more comfortable player and cap. And that's knot all. 

NE Tech

In 2012, New Era infused even more technology into the on-field caps, adding UV protection and infrared reflecting fabric to the list of innovations. These headwear advancements work to keep players more comfortable when things heat up. 

In 2013, that technology was added to a new Authentic Collection fitted; the Diamond Era 59Fifty. Made with a new state-of-the-art performance diamond patterned fabric, these caps are designed with performance in mind to be light and breathable.