K.Smith, Sunnyvale Youth Wrestling League (SYWL), and the Club

We are in full swing of the new school year. Pre-season wrestling and judo practices have started and we are gearing up for the Elementary School and Middle School season which start in October. Unfortunately, we have been hit with a new, and unplanned for, financial need. K. Smith Wrestling, which was added to our elementary school league last year with a great amount of support from the principal and teachers at K. Smith, is in need of transportation funds. Last year the district covered this cost and bussed the students with the districts busses. This year, no district busses, and no money to supplement the costs. So, we need approximately $4,000 to ensure the K.Smith kids can continue to participate in the league. For more information on this situation or to donate please click the button below.

For those of you in Sunnyvale Elementary Schools and are looking to participate in the elementary school league please click on the button below to go to the online sign up and information page.

If you are looking for sign up for our current classes in Judo (middle school and high school) or Folkstyle Wrestling (elementary or middle school) please see the information below.

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