The spring is reserved for the two Olympic Styles of wrestling, Freestyle and Greco. These two styles offer an opportunity to increase wrestlers knowledge and skill in all areas of the sport. Not only is all international competition based on these styles but they also translate into Folkstyle wrestling, high school rules. Sunnyvale Wrestling Club (SVWC) is a USA Wrestling chartered club with USA Wrestling cards necessary for participation. USA Wrestling is also the governing body for both Olympic styles of wrestling and offer many opportunities for travel and competitions through their organization. 

Below are some of the accomplished coaches and wrestlers from Sunnyvale Wrestling. 

rik duus showing technique to the reyes brother at the midcal tournament

Erik Duus, Head Coach

Erik Duus's accolades are to many to list. He is a Japanese Freestyle National Champion, which is accompanied by 2 bronze medal finishes. He is also a two time US Open place winner, which he believes is the greater accomplishment due to the depth of his weight class during his competition years in the US. 

Needless to say we are extremely lucky to have a wrestler of his caliber coaching our club. Hang out long enough and you will most likely get to here a story about Dave Schultz or some other legend in US wrestling from coach Duus.