This is Daniel McCune's 6th year back at Fremont High School as a teacher and coach. He graduated as a 4 time letter winner in wrestling in 2000. In the 9 years away from wrestling in Sunnyvale McCune held several wrestling related positions:

  • Head Coach at Harbor High School in Santa Cruz, CA
  • UC Davis Team Administrator
  • West Coast Wrestler Camps Staff
  • California Coast Wrestling Classic co-Tournament Director
  • Webber Lawson Memorial Tournaments Director
  • SCCAL and CCAL Tournament Director
  • SCVWA Association Dual Team Coach

Back in Sunnyvale McCune has been a catalyst for the expansion of wrestling in the community. Working with local educational administrators Sunnyvale Wrestling Club, through McCune and Soto, hope to create a systematic approach to wrestling, which would increase involvement and exposure so that all of the community can receive the benefits that they have had through the sport.